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I want to thank you for the Bible study, it changed my life. I've been praying for healing for people about once a week and I'm starting to get quite a lit of results. The latest is my wife's cousin, she is a hair dresser who had a torn labrum. ...    read more


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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Charis Bible Study Group Leader. If you are a Charis Bible College graduate (2 yrs) or a graduate of CEM (Continuing Education for Ministers) and would like to start a Charis Bible Study, this will be the launching pad to expand the ministry God has given you. Whether planting a church, going on the mission field, or starting a Charis Bible College extension school, this is an excellent way for you to connect with people in your area. We are here to serve YOU and help YOU reach your full potential in Christ. In addition, you are giving the people around you an opportunity for true discipleship.

The process is simple:

First, review the requirements and guidelines.

Second, complete and submit the online application.

Third, follow the additional instructions given after submitting the application.

You are now on your way to becoming a Charis Bible Studies Group Leader!